Prostate cancer is still number 1 killer in the men over 50. An early diagnosis by means of PSA determination has greatly increased the incidence (prevention), but no reduction in mortality. A one-time PSA determination in men between the ages of 50 and 55, who are not hereditary, is useful. At a obtained value of less than 1.5 ug / l it has been scientifically proven that no prostate approx can be diagnosed in the next 10 years.

Detection by PSA is useful in men aged between 55 and 69 years. Above the age of 70, the PSA determination is less recommended. However, precision diagnostics is necessary to diagnose prostate cancer.


The PSA can be determined by means of blood tests, this is done in consultation with the urologist. The blood test will have to be done at least one week before the consultation, so that the doctor has the results at the consultation.