Reimbursement and prices

Your visit to Parkway Clinic Sommer will be reimbursed in the same way as a visit to the hospital. There are no additional costs involved. Almost all our treatments fall under insured care and are reimbursed by the health insurer. However, please take into account the compulsory excess.

The health insurer's reimbursement may be lower than the nationally accepted rates. Often, the health insurer pays part of the rate. The difference between the usual rate and the amount paid out by the health insurer is at the risk of Parkwegkliniek Sommer (personal contribution). This does not give rise to any additional costs for you. However, in the case of a vasectomy or cosmetic treatments, there is a personal contribution. If you contact your health insurer, you will sometimes wrongly receive the answer that no reimbursement will be paid because there is no agreement with Parkwegkliniek Sommer. However, this is not true, you will ALWAYS be entitled to a reimbursement provided you have a referral letter from a GP or specialist. However, for a consultation or treatment with a specialist at Parkwegkliniek Sommer, you will first pay your deductible if you have not already used it. For 2022/2023, the minimum excess is set by the government at EUR 385, but you may have personally set this higher.

DBC system

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) has required hospitals to work according to the DBC system.

What is a DBC?
In healthcare, we work with DBCs. A DBC stands for diagnosis treatment combination. The moment a patient reports to Parkwegkliniek Sommer with a care question, we open a DTC process. In this trajectory, we gradually record the activities carried out to establish a diagnosis and treat a condition. These activities can be, for example, a conversation with the specialist, an examination or treatment. We send a bill to the health insurer for the entire DBC process, not for each activity separately.

Why can't a good indication of costs always be given in advance?
It is not possible to determine in advance what the cost of a DBC pathway will be. First, the specialist must establish the diagnosis and assess what tests and treatments are needed to help you.

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