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Male sterilization is a simple procedure in which the urologist removes a piece from both vas deferens and fertilization can no longer take place. This does not affect your sex life. The procedure has no influence on the mechanism and the feeling of ejaculation. Even after the procedure, sperm cells are still formed in the testicles, but they can no longer flow through and are therefore broken down by the body. Sterilization (also called a vasectomy) is a definitive form of birth control, so you should be sure of your choice before undergoing this procedure.


How does sterilization work?
Sterilization takes about 15 minutes and is done under local anesthesia. The procedure takes place in our comfortable clinic. Before the urologist starts the procedure, he will discuss the procedure in detail.

The procedure starts with disinfecting the scrotum. You will be given a local anesthetic by means of injections into the skin of the scrotum and possibly into the inguinal canal. Via a small cut, left and right at the top of the scrotum, the doctor looks for both vas deferens and takes a little out of them. The ends are tied with a string. The cuts in the skin are then closed again. The experienced urologists at Parkwegkliniek Sommer perform the procedure according to the guidelines of the Dutch Urology Association.

Why do men choose sterilization at Parkwegkliniek Sommer?
Sterilization is always performed at Parkwegkliniek Sommer by a recognized and experienced urologist. Experience means that the procedure is performed quickly and properly. This reduces the risk of complications and you will feel as little as possible of the procedure. You can also visit Parkwegkliniek Sommer at short notice and you will be treated in a pleasant environment. Because it’s strongly recommended not to drive home after this procedure, we recommend that you come with guidance. Your handler can wait in our clinic, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

Cost of sterilization man
Sterilisation costs €495 and is not included in your health insurance's basic package. You will therefore basically have to pay for the treatment yourself. If you pay yourself, you will not need a referral from your GP. In hospital, the costs for this procedure are usually higher. You may have supplementary insurance and can still claim the treatment from your health insurer. In that case, you do need a referral from your GP. We advise you to discuss this with your health insurer prior to your visit.

Immediate intervention or more information first?
Parkwegkliniek Sommer offers the option of a one-stop vasectomy: the procedure will be performed on your 1st visit immediately after the urologist has discussed the procedure and possible complications with you. The procedure is only possible if you are 100% sure that you want sterilization, because sterilization is definitive. You give permission for the procedure on a form. There are a number of conditions for a one-stop vasectomy. (conditions: no blood thinners, no previous scrotal procedures, convinced of the definitive nature of the procedure, information read and understood in advance, do not drive back yourself)

Control infertility
You are not immediately infertile after the procedure. In the first months after the operation, sperm cells are released during ejaculation, because there are still sperm cells in the seminal vesicles and the remaining vas deferens. Therefore, you must use contraception during sexual intercourse until a check of a semen sample shows that you are infertile. This can be done after 3 months and at least 20 ejaculations. You should submit a semen sample to the laboratory to determine if infertility has been achieved. After the procedure you will receive a jar and a laboratory form with additional information about submitting the semen. The result will be known within 2 weeks, after which you will be informed by us in writing. Sometimes it happens that you have to submit a sample again. In 1 to 3 in 1,000 clients, it happens that after a longer period of time renewed fertility has occurred. The ends of the vas deferens have grown back together and a continuation has started again.

Reimbursement and prices

Your visit to Parkway Clinic Sommer is regularly reimbursed in the same way as a visit to the hospital. For this, check our fees page or if you have any questions, take contact with us.

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