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PTNS stands for Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation. This involves stimulating your lower leg nerve with small electrical impulses. This nerve runs from the leg to the posterior part of the spinal cord. From here, bladder function is controlled. Stimulating this nerve stops the bladder from contracting unwanted, allowing normal bladder function to recover.

For whom.
PTNS can be used as a treatment when:

  • urine leakage is accompanied by an urge to urinate (urge incontinence);
  • you need to urinate more often than usual, generally more than 10 times a day;
  • you have a persistent strong feeling of having to urinate;
  • you have pain in your pelvic floor;
  • you have difficulty voiding properly.


The nurse inserts a very thin needle into a nerve in your skin just above the ankle An adhesive electrode is attached to the inside of your foot. The needle and electrode are connected to a stimulation device. This device activates the nerve located in the leg. During the stimulation, you may experience a tingling or stinging sensation in your lower leg. If you experience pain, the stimulation is reduced, and the pain disappears immediately. After treatment, you may feel discomfort in your leg or foot. A treatment lasts about 30 minutes.

Continuation of the PTNS
Treatment is carried out once a week for 12 consecutive weeks. It is important not to skip any treatment during this phase. If the treatment has the desired effect, the follow-up treatment schedule will be decided in consultation with your doctor.

Reimbursement and prices

Your visit to Parkway Clinic Sommer is regularly reimbursed in the same way as a visit to the hospital. For this, check our fees page or if you have any questions, take contact with us.

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