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Bladder pain

Cystitis often occurs as a result of a bacterial inflammation. The symptoms are: having to pee often (often having the urge to pee), a burning feeling, small portions of pee and a fever is often included too.

Interstitial cystitis:
It is a bladder mucosa inflammatory disease, not caused by a bacteria but by a multi-factorial cause (autoimmune reaction, heredity, infection/allergy and risk factors) whereby the glycosaminoglycan layer of the upper mucous membrane is affected. This layer has a protective function, the protective lining of epithelium prevent toxic compounds in the urine will irritate the bladder wall. An abrasion will form in the bladder mucous.

The most common symptoms are: extreme bladder pain, pressure on the bladder, pelvic floor pain, a burning feeling during or after peeing, the pee comes in small portions and not feeling well in general. The symptoms are generally chronic.


Cystitis will be treated with a urine culture and an antibiogram.

The treatment of interstitial cystitis is focussed on repairing and recovering the glycosaminoglycan layer with bladder washes with chondroitin sulphate or hyaluronic acid (cystistat, elm iron, laluril, uracyst.)

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