Eyelid correction

Upper eyelid correction

The eyelids can sag due to the aging process. Folds and wrinkles can be formed. The skin loses its elasticity. This results in a weary and tired appearance. Sometimes the skin can press on the lashes and the eyebrows can be located lower than usual. This can also happen at a younger age you to a genetic trade. Another common complain is having heavy eyelids.

Lower eyelid correction

Due to the aging process of the skin tissue, bags can develop. A cause of their appearing may also be the accumulation of bodily fluids. The bags create a weary and tired appearance. Bags can be the developed at younger age too. this often happens due to a genetic trade.


During the first consult with plastic surgeon Drs. Michels all the treatment possibilities will me discussed for your specific problems. The advantages and disadvantages will be discussed, as well as the risks and expectations of the treatment.

During the eyelid correction Drs. Michels will remove excess skin, fat tissue and sometimes muscle tissue. This way she improves the contour of your eyes which results in a fresher appearance.

It can also be the case that a stretched eyelid muscle is not capable of holding the eyelids up. The plastic surgeon can improve the strength of the muscle and improve the sight.

The sagging of the eyelid skin and bags can be corrected with a lower eyelid correction. It also gives a fresher and more awake look.