Plastic / hand Surgery

What is it?

Our plastic surgeon can advise you about- and perform treatments concerning your face and hands, such as facial reconstruction after tumor removal, but also upper eye-lid correction, eye bag removal, brow correction or -lift, scarring, earlobe reconstruction, labia corrections, Botox and fillers. Botox can also be applied in case of excessive sweating.

urthermore, “mild hand-problems” like deviations on fingers or wrist, triggerfinger, carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated by our surgeon Drs. Michels.

Botox and fillers

Patients willing to undergo surgery to improve their appearance, have carefully considered this and deserve clear and realistic advice.

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Brow lift

The skin on the forehead, too, can stretch and bag due to the aging process. A result can be that the eyebrows eventually locate lower that the highest border of the eye socket.

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Eyelid correction

The eyelids can sag due to the aging process.

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Facial reconstruction

Sometimes it is necessary to remove patches of the skin with skin abnormalities. Usually, this concerns small skin deficits which can be stitched up at time of the procedure.

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Hand and wrist deviation

Very common hand diseases are deviations of the bend- and stretch tendons, neurons, sinews and deviations of the connective tissue like Dupuytren disease. Additionally, Carpal tunnel syndrome is common.

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Common complications of to large Labia can be: An uncomfortable feeling while wearing tight clothes, irritations while exercising, pain during sex and pain while riding a bicycle.

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Scar and earlobe repair

Scar reaction is often individually determined. Sometimes scars, after being riped, are still very visible or have function loss.

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