Reimbursement and prices

Please note that cosmetic treatments are always due at the time of your visit. For prices of cosmetic treatments please contact us.

The reimbursement of our medical treatments depends on your insurance.

–      European insurance with European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
–      Dutch Insurance
–      Other (insurance without EHIC, private insurance, no insurance)

  1. European Health Insurance Card: We declare the costs at your insurance

If you have a European Health Insurance Card looking like the one on the picture below, we will be able to declare all costs of your visit at your insurance. You will not have to pay any invoices to Parkwegkliniek Sommer, as long as we have a photocopy of your EHIC, valid on the date of your visit. After 3 to 4 months after your visit, we can declare the medical costs at your insurance. A referral letter is not required.

  1. Dutch insurance: Referral letter required so we can declare the costs at your insurance

If you have Dutch insurance, you will need a referral letter from your General Practicioner before you can make an appointment at Parkwegkliniek. This letter has to mention every single physical complaint you want to have looked at by our professionals, and additionally, the specialized area of the professional. At time of your appointment, you will hand over the referral letter and we will be able to declare the costs of your visit at the insurance. You will not have to pay at the time of your visit.

Depending on your insurance and the amount of health care you had during the same calendar year of your first visit of treatment, your insurance will send you an invoice or not.

  1. Other

If you have any other form of insurance, you will be asked to pay for your consultation directly, at time of your visit. You will receive an invoice which you can declare at your insurance yourself. For prices of consultations please contact us.

The Dutch Health Care System
Health care in the Netherlands is very expensive
bligatory health insurance for everyone

Every citizen of the Netherlands is obliged to Health insurance. This insurance consists of a monthly premium of 109,82 on average in 2021. This premium pays for visits to General Physician (GP), maternity care and for children under 18: all medical care.

Medical complaint? Always see your GP first!
If you have any physical complaints, you see your General Physician (“huisarts”). This is your regular doctor, who knows your medical history. He or she can perform examinations and sometimes treatments for your physical complaints. Might your GP agree with you that it is necessary that you see a specialist, he or she will write a referral letter. With this letter you can make an appointment to see a specialist.

First € 385,- medical costs: “eigen risico” (for own account)
If your doctor (GP or specialist) writes you a prescription and you get your medication from the pharmacy, or if you visit a specialist with a referral from your GP, medical costs will be claimed at your insurance.

During one calendar year (Jan 1st until Dec 31st), the first € 385,- of these medical costs are for own account and are to be paid in addition to the monthly premium. This is called “eigen risico”. Once you paid385,- for your medical costs, and additional costs arise, your insurance will cover the rest (for exceptions, please contact your insurance). In a new calendar year, the first € 385,- are for own account again.

In exchange for a higher amount of “eigen risico”, your insurance might give you a discount on their monthly premium. For more information, please contact your insurance.

Invoice of your specialist after 4 to 5 months
When you see a specialist, whether in the hospital or in a clinic, a “treatment term” will be opened. This will automatically close after a maximum of 120 days.

After this term, a national system accounts the costs of the entire treatment. This could be one short visit, or an operation with several check-up visits. Depending on the amount of visits (length of these visits is irrelevant) and optional medical treatment, a price is determined.

We as a clinic have no influence on the closing time of your “treatment term” and therefore, it is not possible to send you your invoice earlier. 

 Finding a General Physician (GP)
If you don’t have a GP yet, you can find one close to your home. A General Physician is called a “huisarts”.

How to find a “huisarts”
Step 1: Google search

Google “general physician + place” e.g. “general physician Maastricht” to find a list of General Physicians. These are most commonly called “Huisartsenpraktijk” (GP-practice).

Step 2: Pick & Call

Pick the one closest to your home and call the practice. On the phone, explain you are a new patient looking for a regular doctor and the assistant will tell you if their practice has place for you as a patient.

Step 3: Visit & Ask referral

If the practice you chose has place for you, you can see your new doctor and ask for a referral (this will not be given by phone, a visit is always necessary). If there is no place for you, try another practice.