It is always nice to receive a compliment. Many patients give these during the consultation. You can also send your compliment via e-mail to:  

Though we try our very best to treat you nicely and professionally, there is always a possibility that you are not satisfied with a treatment or approach. If this is the case, we ask you to inform us about it so that we get the opportunity to solve the situation to your satisfaction. This way, we can continuously keep working on the quality of our clinic. We hope that our team gives you the feeling that we are open to criticism. If you still feel this is not the case, or if you prefer to file your complaint in writing, you can address your letter to the Internal department of complaints. Or you can send an email to: 


You can file your complaint by way of a Form of Complaints at our internal complaint department. You can request this form by telephone or at the reception in our clinic. On this form, please state your name, date of birth and address, and describe your complaint clearly. Your complaint will be considered within one month. We will try and come to a solution with the party involved. An independent mediator or a mediator who is not in any way attached to the clinic can advise in this matter.

Correspondence internal complaint department

Parkwegkliniek Sommer, attn. Complaints officer, Parkweg 29, 6212 XN Maastricht. Tel. 003143-3210310. If you have any questions about our complaint handling, please contact us.

External Disputes Committee.

In case you wish no mediation or mediation would not lead to a for you acceptable solution, you can turn to an external independent disputes committee. On this website you can find information about the entire procedure. The disputes committee can examine your complaint and bring in a verdict.

In any case you have and remain the right to file your complaint at other appropriate authorities, such as the Healthcare inspection or civil court.