Drs Raf Lijnen


Dermatologist Raf Lijnen is an all-rounder at home in all facets of dermatology . He has extensive experience in reconstructive skin surgery for treatments of skin tumours and in 2012 he qualified in Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery is a tissue-saving surgical technique with less risk of recurrence that is applied to skin cancer in the face.

He is an authority on treatments for (moderate)-severe psoriasis (fumaric acid in particular). He published in 2015 in an international journal on fumaric acid from his own research showing that fumaric acid treatment is effective and very safe in the treatment of psoriasis.

In recent years, his special focus and passion has been on (managing) chronic patients with extensive (atopic) eczema. Raf Lijnen has been a dermatologist since 1996. After training at the Academic Hospital Dijkzigt Rotterdam, he started working at the Laurentius Hospital in Roermond in 1996 and from 2008 at the Roermond/Weert regional partnership.

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