Hand surgery

Many common problems with the hand are affections of the bend tendons and stretch tendons, sine wand connective tissue affections (disease of Dupuytren). Also, the Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common disease. It means that an important sinew is stuck inside the wrist. Bumps can grow on the wrists and hands too. These swellings can have many different causes.

Hand surgery is a complex form of surgery. There are 40 muscles to make the hand function and 27 bones in the wrist and hand. The aim of the hand surgeon is to restore the function of the hand. It covers all conditions that can occur in the hand and wrist. The broad scope of the hand surgeon requires a range of diverse surgical skills. The hand surgeon masters microsurgery, as well as orthopaedic and plastic-reconstructive surgical techniques.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

CMC-1 osteoarthritis


Post-traumatic dystrophy


De Quervain's disease

Dupuytren's disease

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