Stomach ache

A chronic stomach ache is pain at the bottom of the belly that lasts longer than three months. It is constantly there but it can be in different stadia of intensity. So, it is different than menstrual pain or pain experienced during sexual intercourse.

There are many different forms of chronic stomach ache: the pain can be nagging, cramping, thumping or stabbing. It can be felt at the same places in the stomach, but it can also spread to the back, thighs or above the stomach.


For chronic stomach ache are different kind of examinations possible.

The Gynaecologist will discuss the kind of problems you have with you and in what situations they occur. Also, other potential problems and the possible effects they might have on your daily life will be discussed. It is nice when you keep track of your physical problems and when they occur on a list (during the investigation). After the conversation with you the Gynaecologist will examine your stomach with an internal investigation. A speculum (spreader) will be used. Sometimes samples of the cervix and/or discharge will be taken.

The gynecologist often performs an ultrasound examination after the previous examination, which is usually internal (see also Ultrasound examination). If it is necessary, a blood and / or urine test can take place. Sometimes the gynecologist will ask you to make an appointment with an internist, urologist or surgeon. The gynecologist may also request advanced radiological examinations, such as a CT scan or MRI scan.