Prolapse complaints

About 25% of all grown women experience the consequences of vaginal sagging (prolapse). Due to sagging the bladder, the rectum (the end of the large intestine), the small intestine or de uterus can sag via the vagina. Most of the time it means that the pelvic floor does not function well.


There are different possible treatments for this problem depending on the size of the sagging and the type of sagging.

Pelvic Physiotherapy:

When it turns out that your pelvic floor muscles are not used the right way or that these muscles do not function well, pelvic physiotherapy can give results. We have specialized pelvic floor physiotherapists that can learn you to know and recognize your muscles around the pelvis and how to use them. The goal of the physiotherapy is to make cooperative whole of the pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles (again).

Vaginal ring (pressarium):

The treatment can consist of placing a pressarium. A ring can bring a sagged bladder or uterus back in its place. Not all women with pelvic floor problems can be helped with a pressarium; the kind of sagging and the firmness of the pelvic floor have an influence. If a well-fitting ring can be found, you will not feel the presence of the pressarium. Not even during sexual intercourse. A pressarium can, for some women, be an easy solution for a bothersome problem.