Blood loss after menopause

If you have not had a menstruation of any menstrual blood loss for a year, because you are in the postmenopausal phase, you should not lose any blood again. A new menstruation or even just some drupes blood should alarm you to go to your general practitioner. The general practitioner will refer you for an internal echo through the sheath and an eventual specified investigation. Luckily, bleeding after the menopause is often caused by a good-natured cause (for example:  polyp on the uterine lining). And in almost half of the cases of bleeding after the menopause, there is not even a cause found. But it is important to check tif the bleeding is caused by cancer.


Your Gynaecologist will take the time the listen to your story and your wishes. The internal echo will take placing during the first consult. During the consult will be decided if further examination is needed and after the echo will be spoken about the possible causes of the menstrual blood loss.