Cosmetic dermatology

Laser treatment

Excessive hair growth/hair removal
A laser treatment can redeem you permanently from unwanted hair growth in armpits, back, legs and bikini line. The laser light facilitates a safe, quick and (possibly) permanent hair removal. Shaving and waxing is history after the treatment. The laser also offers a solution at excessive hair in the facial area. A facial treatment is reimbursed from supplementary assurance. 

Hair removal treatment happens by use of alexandrite laser. Usually, 4-8 treatments are required. Costs depend on the extensiveness of the treatment area. E.g. the back is more expensive than bikini line. For prices please call or e-mail us.

Facial blood vessels, blood vessels ont the legs and on the hull
Laser is used for the treatment of damaged vessels in and surrounding the facial area, like rosacea and so called spiders (hemangiomas). Facial- and bodily redness are removed permanently with laser treatment. Many women are bothered by varices on their legs. These are small blue vessels, right underneath the skin surface. The small unflattering hair vessels on the legs can be removed with a laser treatment as well.

Blood vessels are treated with NdYag laser in our clinic. Usually, more than one treatment is required for optimum result. 

Facial pigmentation spots, pigmentation spots on the back of the hand
Additionally, we do laser treatments for removal of facial pigmentation spots and pigmentation on the back of the hand. These pigmentation spots can occur at an early age, but also at a later age, as a consequence of too much sun exposure at a younger age.

Pigmentation spots are treated by usage of Aleandrite laser in our clinic. Pigmentation spots are superficially removed with one or more laser treatments. In case of pigmentation spots, sufficient sun protection is of importance. 

Acne scars
Acne sometimes leaves unflattering scars. To make sure acne does not leave any scars, acne is tackled rapidly and seriously. Additionally, it is of importance that scratching is done as least as possible, because this reinforces the genesis of scars on the skin. When scars have occurred after all, a laser treatment offers the solution. 

By means of CO2 fractional laser, acne scars can be treated. This smoothens the skin surface and tightens the underlying collagen.